Why Online?

  • Convenient, flexible & cost effective.
  • Study wherever and whenever suits you.
  • Study manuals displayed as online PDF's which can be read online or downloaded for offline study when it's more convinient.
  • Perfect for persons who can't take time out of their busy day to attend a course.
  • The same Certificate as in offline mode of study
  • Certificates delivered via DHL Parcel Delivery Service immediately after training

If you can't find time to attend a class room course, then online training is the answer.

Online Safety Training Courses!

Diploma Safety & Security Management

This is a comprehensive safety and security course that covers BOTH Safety AND Security due to the high demand for a combination of safety and security skills. The course is designed to provide participants with the tools and approaches that are needed for strategic safety and security management.


HSE Competence Course Level 1,2&3

By Law, HSE Competence is essential for all employees in industry to ensure that workplace risks are recognised and managed effectively. This 3-level HSE training programme is designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the different aspects of health and safety in the workplace with a view to ensuring compliance with the laws.

Food Safety & Hygiene
(Food Handlers) Course

By Law, all food handlers must have an understanding of the basic principles of Food Hygiene and know how to work safely so as to protect the food they serve from contamination. Food Safety and Hygiene course is designed to provide food handlers in the catering sector with the essential practical training to enable them provide safe food to consumers.

First Aid & CPR
Training Course

When accidents or medical emergencies occur, the victim may need immediate assistance. such immediate assistance is often more important than expert medical care given later. First Aid knowledge and skill can make a difference between saving a life and standing around watching a fellow human die. Making participants acquire this knowledge and skill is the central theme of this course


Fire Fighting & Prevention Training Course

It is estimated that more than 2500 workplace fires occur everyday. And no matter how good your home or company’s fire extinguishing equipment are, if the persons who will use them are not trained, the extinguishers and equipment will remain useless. To prevent deaths and human injury, damage to property and consequent losses, it is essential that all persons/company workers be trained in fire fighting and prevention techniques.